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With 8,000 employees in six hospitals and clinic locations in three states, Gundersen Health System’s purpose is to enhance the health and well-being of our communities and enrich every life we touch. Learn more about our excellence in patient care, education, research, and something we call Love + Medicine at

Rep/Contact Info

Sue Anderson
Contract Specialist
Todd Bille
Vice President- Growth, Strategy and Execution
Marilu Bintz
Kristen Brinks
David Carney
Janette Dawson
Samantha Dillon
Organizational Development Specialist
Dorie Earley
Heather Edgington
Bryan Erdmann
Vice President
Mary Erickson
Nathan Franklin
Director of External Affairs
David Hanson
Adam Hatfield
Manager - Media and Communications
Kalah Haug
Alyson Haugen
Sarah Havens
Director Community & Preventive Care
Mark Heffernan
Kayla S Helpap
Recruiting Assistant - Recruiting Services
Linda Kastantin
Kathy Kautza
HR Senior Office Assistant
Katie Keefe
Kasey Kirschbaum
Quentin Lamers
Mike L. Larson
IS Business Operations Manager
Amanda Leake
Janine Luz
Chief Learning Officer
Patrick Melby
Tara Mihalek
Cathy Mooney
John Nevala
HR Manager/Recruiter for GHS providers
Jerry Oetzel
Chief Financial Officer
Megan Pitel
Mason Quackenbush
Director, HR Systems and Recriutment Services
Dr. Scott Rathgaber
Human Resources Recruitment Email
HR general email - PLEASE SAVE for FIRST FRIEND
Ben Reynolds
Heidi Roesler
Liz Rogers
Legislative Policy Analyst
Jackie Ross
Medical Staff Recruiter
Jedadiah Scahller
Department Chair Of Radiology
Marcus Schmitz
Tyler Schulte
Carmen Switzer
Director Community & Preventive Care
Karen Torud
Heather Trimborn
HR Manager/Recruiter for GHS Support Staff
Mai Yia Vue
Jill Wesener Dieck
Dale Wirth
Industrial Rehabilitation and consultation
Lisa Wuttke
Recruiting Assistant

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