Acton Academy Midwest


Acton Academy Midwest is a private STEM Entrepreneurial and Trades School that helps 4K through 8th Grade students create their own path to success by developing the real world skills and character traits that matter most. It s About People - The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. So we focus on inspiring students to develop real friendships, a sense of personal accountability, and standing strong in their convictions even as you respect others around you. Character Is Destiny - Character really matters. The right skillset combined with character is a recipe for long-term success. Skills without character are a recipe for disaster. That s why we believe in developing meaningful skills AND character. Solve Big Problems - Don t think small. There are countless big problems in the world, and we need people of vision and courage willing to tackle them. We encourage big dreams and big vision and teach the skills to accomplish those dreams. Get Back Up - Be gritty. Everybody fails sometimes, but the determined person who gets back up and tries again (and again) is the person who succeeds in their ambitions. It s OK to fall. Get back up and try again. We Have What It Takes - We re better together. We appreciate the perspective of others and realize that we are stronger as a team and community. We teach students to lead by listening and loving our neighbors so that now and forever, they can work together with the person beside them.

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